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    Security Management - Global Risk Defense SolutionsSecurity Management is the design and development of risk mitigation solutions and strategies, the policies, procedures and control measures instituted to transform those solutions into practical applications and their comprehensive documentation to assure quick and accurate threat response.  It’s the operations that bridge the gap between the physical security components/technology and the personnel assigned to monitor and maintain the integrity of the security function and respond to those threats when necessary.  The physical security capabilities, cost initiatives, corporate policies and the expectations for a successful outcome are all factors affecting the development of procedures, control measures and protocols when mitigating risks.

       Our most sought after services, we will assist in identifying the most appropriate mitigation solutions and provide professional and unique procedures and protocols to convert those concepts into actions.  These procedures and protocols will strictly dictate how the response will be executed, the exact steps to be taken to achieve and successfully mitigate the threat or hazard and any follow-up actions necessary for full compliance.

    Security Management - Global Risk Defense SolutionsThe comprehensive documentation of the procedures, control measures and protocols established is paramount to the overall success of a security management program.  Writing out detailed but understandable instructions is important for proper adherence and to ensure the mitigation solution is implemented as planned with the desired outcome.  Utilizing a combination of instructive paragraphing, checklists and algorithms, we will develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures and instruct you on the maintenance and controls associated with these important texts.

     Another highly important, albeit often overlooked aspect of the security management function is the design and implementation of a comprehensive and unique metrics curriculum to assist in monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of all risk protection programs, allowing for prompt identification of inefficient, ineffective or lackluster performance of established practices or mitigation solutions.  Metrics and the development of a metrics curriculum is a primary factor in maintaining the integrity of programs and systems associated with he protection of assets.

    Security ManagementSecurity Management - Global Risk Defense Solutions programs are highly dynamic and must be assessed on a regular basis.  Continuous and proactive analysis through strict supervision, metrics evaluations, report reviews and personnel consultations can provide the necessary feedback to determine whether enhancements or modifications are required.  If you would like to learn more about our firm’s Security Management services and capabilities, please visit our CONTACT PAGE to setup a consultation.



Enterprise Governance and Policy Design and Implementation

Risk Defense Program and System Analyses and Assessments

  • Program/System Integrity, Functionality, Integration and Controls Analysis
  • Program/System Vulnerability and Enhancement Assessments
  • Security and CPTED Surveys
  • Operational Audits
  • Gap Assessments
  • Metrics Curriculum Design and Integrity Analysis

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Defense in Depth and Spatial Defense Continuity Analysis, Design and Execution

Procedure, Protocol and Control Measure Design and Implementation

Risk Defense Program Integration, Implementation and Management

Standard Operating Procedure Development, Distribution and Controls Management