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     Risk Management is the process and method of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, prioritizing and managing probable risks that could adversely impact a business, organization or property and the initial starting point for the development of all risk defense programs (physical security, safety, emergency management, information security, security management).  In order to create comprehensive programs, we must fully understand the associated and inherent risks, develop appropriate, effective and efficient mitigation solutions and control measures for the accepted risks and manage the program(s) through consistent monitoring and the application of an exclusive metrics curriculum to assure compliance.

    Risk Management - Global Risk Defense SolutionsRisk Management and the identification of risks to one’s organization is the most important step when designing and developing a risk protection program.  Only through precise acknowledgment of these risks can we develop the comprehensive mitigation solutions and associated procedures, countermeasures and protocols necessary for the protection of assets.  The types of risks identified along with their impact will also determine the type of physical security assets, security management controls and resources required to achieve the desired conclusion and can influence top level global policies.

     Risk mitigation is the elimination or systematic reduction to the exposure of an identified risk.  Risk mitigation strategies and solutions are designed to eliminate or reduce the negative impact a risk may have on a business or organization.  These mitigation strategies and solutions are implemented through the development of procedures, processes, control measures and protocols and the use of physical security systems and assets along with security management practices.  Periodic analysis and assessment of the mitigation solutions is necessary to ensure conclusive and acceptable results.

     We assist and guide our clients throughout the Risk Management - Global Risk Defense Solutionsentire process and provide professional, educated and experienced-based advice on how best to treat each individual risk and offer several effective, practical and cost efficient mitigation solutions so an informative and knowledgeable decision can be made to determine the correct strategy for the client.  All industry situations are different as well as risk treatment and prioritizing.  Many factors must be analyzed before proper solutions can be developed and implemented.  Through extensive, global  experience, we can provide those necessary solutions.  Please visit our CONTACT PAGE to setup a consultation on how we can assist with your Risk Management and Risk Mitigation requirements.



Risk Management Program

  • Design, Implementation and Management
  • Program Vulnerability and Integrity Analysis
  • Enhancement Assessment
  • Gap Assessment

Risk Management Methodology and Process

  • Identify
  • Analyze
  • Evaluate
  • Prioritize
  • Mitigate
  • Manage

Risk Mitigation and Defense Strategy Design, Engineering, Implementation and Control

Risk Management Program Review and Control Curriculum