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    Resources - Global Risk Defense SolutionsProviding comprehensive instructional data was foremost in our vision when we set out to develop this RESOURCES PAGE.  We wanted to ensure that practical information was being dispensed for the safety of businesses as well as families and individuals.  We reviewed many websites and media platforms and included the ones that we felt offered the type and scope of information we envisioned.  

     We are always looking to increase the amount of information we can share with others.  To that end, we are always on the lookout for additional sites that can offer the type of instructional data as the ones on this page.  If you should know of any that you think would be a good fit, please contact us at for inclusion.  We will review the site and if we feel it meets with the criteria we have established, we will be happy to include it on this page.

NTSA - Global Risk Defense Solutions

National Terrorism Advisory System

The Nation's terrorism threat advisory system hosting bulletin's, alerts and "actions to be taken" in the event of an alert in your particular location.

Tripwire - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Technical Resource for Incident Prevention

Hosted by DHS, TRIPwire is a collaborative information-sharing and resource portal for security and emergency services professionals.

FEMA - Global Risk Defense Solutions

FEMA Emergency Management Institute

Dedicated to enhancing the training and capabilities of emergency management professionals through articles, programs and coursework.

Security Management - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Security Management Magazine

Operated by ASIS, Security Management Magazine is filled with informative articles written by security professionals from all sectors and industries.

School Safety - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Launched by the Federal Government, is a resource for faculty, parents and law enforcement to use to prepare for and address various threats related to school safety and security.

CISA - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

A component of DHS, CISA hosts a plethora of information on numerous subjects such as cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security

UCR - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Uniform Crime Reporting Program

A comprehensive, database composed of crime statistics, searchable by type or location. A "must-see" for risk management professionals.

Ready - Global Risk Defense Solutions


Hosted by the U.S. Government, this website is filled with emergency management planning information for businesses and personal use.

CSIS - Global Risk Defense Solutions

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dedicated to national and international defense studies, this site offers media on subjects including cybersecurity, defense and Homeland Security.

To view additional Department of Homeland Security videos, visit their YouTube Channel.

To view additional Federal Emergency Management Agency videos, visit their YouTube Channel.

To view additional Occupational Safety and Health Administration videos, visit their YouTube Channel.