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    Global Reach - Global Risk Defense SolutionsThe presence of a global footprint does not only denote locations on a map where a company or organization has conducted business or maintains property.  It  also shows areas  (foreign as well as domestic) where that same company or organization has become a part of the local landscape, has had a cultural, social and/or economic impact (whether large or small) on the communities and their residents and where business and community relationships and partnerships have been established.  In more modern and advanced locations, the impacts go almost unnoticed.  But, to the town and residents of an isolated, third world country, the impact can have an overwhelming and sometimes even catastrophic result.  Having a global reach and providing the types of services we do, we have a responsibility to our clients and the indigenous population to provide counsel that will take into account all factors associated with the location, laws and culture when designing and developing mitigation solutions and the procedures, processes, control measures and protocols necessary for the successful implementation of those solutions without sacrificing the protection of assets, property and life.  Some factors associated with location are:

    • Local laws codes and regulations 
    • Cultural practices
    • Utilities reliability
    • Environmental impacts
    • Weather patterns
    • Program and systems resiliency analysis
    • Geospatial risks and threats
    • Corporate policy, mission and values
    • Disaster impact and recovery success
    • Available technologies and support

    Global Reach - Global Risk Defense SolutionsA business or organization can bring threats and hazards to a location that is not physically prepared to handle the impact of a disaster nor have the ability to recover afterwards.  Taking the local population into consideration, complying with legal and cultural practices, forging relationships and partnerships with local government and law enforcement, promoting and applying positive ethics and designing risk mitigation solutions and risk defense programs with all this considered and calculated defines true global reach.

     Over the years, we have assisted many businesses and organization in identifying, analyzing, evaluating and prioritizing risks.  Many risks are common to all businesses or organizations.  Some are inherent on divergent factors such as industry type and location.  However, some seem to go unrecognized or given low priorities due to low probabilities even though they carry high impact; especially when health and well-being is concerned.

Medical trauma supplies and training – While it is true that medical risks usually take a high priority, in most cases, the mitigation solutions identify resources that would be categorized as first aid rather than trauma.  For most medical situations, this would prove adequate.  However, in the case of a severed limb or massive blood loss, this would prove woefully inadequate; especially in locations where proper medical attention is some distance away.  Even if medical air evacuation is available, in certain locations at certain times of the year, weather conditions may inhibit their use and require other forms of slower transportation.  In these rare cases, medical trauma equipment and trained personnel can be a game changer.

Global Reach - Global Risk Defense SolutionsInsects – The first time I was in Panama, I was told before we went to bed to ensure that we check our shoes for insects and arachnids before we put them on in the morning.  It seems reasonable and, to most, almost a given.  But, you’d be surprised how many people got bit from that very scenario.  Why?  Because most of us don’t have to check our shoes before putting them on.  It’s not a conditioned response and takes time to condition someone properly.  Insects can easily penetrate the perimeters and get into places completely unnoticed.  Understanding the viruses, pathogen, toxins, etc associated with insects indigenous to a location can help develop effective mitigation solutions such as proper medical resources and irradiation methods as well as safety training.

     Civil Unrest – We’re not just talking third-world countries.  Look at the past twenty years and you can see civil unrest can occur anywhere and virtually without notice.  It’s not uncommon to analyze an urban business’ risk mitigation plan and find there is no mitigation solution for riots.  Under these circumstances, we cannot rely on an immediate response from law enforcement.  These events are fast paced and dynamic and require mitigation solutions that utilize a defense in depth and delaying strategies and physical security components to allow for the additional response time required.  In foreign territories, mitigation solution can take on a whole other dimension with force protection emergency protocols and special equipment. as well as detailed evacuation procedure.

    Global Reach - Global Risk Defense SolutionsWildlife –  Years ago I was in Montana assisting in the design, layering and integration of physical security systems at a dam site on an eastern river.  As I headed out on my long walk around the very large structure, I took about ten steps and one of the local employees cautioned me and said, “Every now and then take a look behind you for grizzly bear”.  What???  Not something we worry ourselves over in Manhattan.  However, just like the insects, a risk associated with a particular location and one often unintentionally overlooked.

     Having provided services to clients in 43 states and over three dozen foreign territories, we have gained immense experience and knowledge in risk management and mitigation as well as the protection of assets on an international scale.  Collectively, we have provided Global Reach - Global Risk Defense Solutionsservices to more than a thousand locations over the last two decades.  The maps on this page show the areas where we have assisted clients with our services.

     Our clientele portfolio consists mainly of United States based organisations, some with foreign interests, requiring assistance in the design and development of risk management and mitigation strategies along with protection of assets and regulatory compliance across the spectrum of their holdings and properties.

Global Reach - Global Risk Defense Solutions

     Different locations have different inherent risks that must be understood to properly identify and mitigate.  There are differences in associated risks when talking about geographic locations (northeast, southwest, coastal) as well as geographic locations based on population (urban, suburban, rural).  Contrasting risks can also be associated within biomes Global Reach - Global Risk Defense Solutions(tropical, temperate, desert).  All of these factors must be taken into consideration when determining risks.  We have the experience and expertise necessary to help identify and mitigate risked associated with location.

     Global Reach - Global Risk Defense SolutionsAnother location type that we have experience in is the high-risk environments.  These areas bring a new dimension into the risk spectrum and require special mitigation strategies and force protection methods.  These areas have high probabilities for terrorism, sabotage, paramilitary activity and HE projectile threats.  Protecting and fortifying these areas require a background in military defense tactics and premium grade defense materials.  Active mitigation methods such as counter-intelligence programs, area patrols and early sabotage recognition skills are a must and programs where we are well versed.

Global Reach - Global Risk Defense Solutions