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    Forums and Presentations - Global Risk Defense SolutionsPresentations are a phenomenal way of conveying information to employees or associates that has been deemed vital to an organization.  Over the years, we have participated in hundreds of speaking engagements of different magnitudes; from large symposium style presentations concerning information security to more intimate gatherings of a few middle managers discussing their responsibilities during an active shooter scenario.  While face-to-face presentations build a more reputable relationship between the audience and the speaker, we have conducted speaking engagements via diverse remote video access platforms and even over the telephone.  Remote video access offers an opportunity to allow participation of individuals who may not be able to attend the presentation in person but can still be engaged and ask any questions they may have.

Presenting to the Decision Makers

     Regardless of how well you plan and prepare your budgets, there will come a time when you require additional monies for unforeseen projects, upgrades and enhancements for your risk defense programs.  We understand the intricacies and planning involved for requesting additional funds be diverted to your budget.  Preparing for and presenting your case to the decision makers in your company can be a daunting task to say the least.

     We have assisted in a vast number of this type of presentation for funding for risk defense programs and protection.  We develop a comprehensive report providing a detailed description of what the funds will be used for, why it is needed and a practical time frame for completion; Forums and Presentations - Global Risk Defense Solutionspricing figures, cost saving strategies and return on investment analysis will be the focal point of the report.  The presentation will be an overview of the report and we will prepare you to answer any questions they may have.

     However, that’s not all.  If requested, we will be present to help answer questions and provide professional, in-depth testimony on the project.  We will provide any additional assistance you may require and ensure a world-class presentation.

     Through our knowledge and vast global experience, we can conduct a presentation on a vast array of subjects and protection protocols, methods and processes that an organization feels is necessary for better comprehension and that may require a “boost” to employee motivation.  We can provide a presentation with more general information, conducted as an overview or we can present a more surgical view by providing more detailed information in a certain area.  We can also tailor a presentation to an organizations policies and procedures on a subject matter to promote company compliance and maintain consistency throughout the organization while still educating the audience on the subject.

    Forums and Presentations - Global Risk Defense SolutionsIn order for a presentation to captivate the audience and illicit the response expected by upper management, it must be informative, factual and above all, engaging.  Identifying the audience, breaking down the technical industry “jargon” into easier to understand descriptions, interacting with the attendee’s and staying on point is how we engage the audience.  When an individual is engaged

in a topic and provided with factual and informative material, they will develop a deeper comprehension of the subject and begin to think critically which propels them to ask questions.  Upon reaching this level, the individual gains more awareness and motivation for compliance and a deeper understanding.

    Forums and Presentations - Global Risk Defense SolutionsWhile we address all those aforementioned attributes into all our presentations, we also allow for flexibility.  Flexibility is a necessary component that allows us to quickly change or expand content based on questions or attitude while still maintaining the integrity and factual basis of the information.  This becomes quite helpful when discussing more controversial and sensitive subject matter.  And, of course, we always look forward to answering any questions.

     If you have any questions requiring further information on what we can provide your organization, please visit our CONTACT PAGE to speak with us.