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Force Management - Global Risk Defense Solutions     Force Management is the organization, management, maintenance and integration of protection force employees as vital components of risk defense programs, procedures and policies for the protection of an organization’s assets.  Force Management does not only concern the Human Resources department.  All individuals tasked with supervision or management responsibilities must fully understand the force management methods of an organization so they are able to properly perform their duties and manage the personnel responsible to them.  Hiring processes, training and development, regulatory compliance, disciplinary procedures and day-to-day management methods are all part of force management and necessary to ensure that employee’s maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the parent organization.

     While the size, distribution, responsibilities and integration of the protection force as it relates to the overall security function is regulated by the Physical Security Program and the Security Management Program, the Force Management Program deals with the personnel needs of the protection force and is required for the safety, compliance and retention of the individuals hired as part of the protection force and a key aspect of the security function.  Force Management metrics are a decisive variable when analyzing the integrity of a security function and  must always be taken into consideration.

     Force Management - Global Risk Defense SolutionsWe assist businesses and organizations in the development of their force management programs and guide them throughout the entirety of the process.  From deciding on the organization of the protection force, to the hiring, development and management, we will ensure our clients the tools necessary for a successful, professional and satisfied staff.  

     We also help businesses and organizations understand and comply with the security guard regulations necessary to legally employ individuals as security staff members and maintain their status and eligibility to work in a security officer capacity.  Each state and most foreign countries maintain distinctive requirements when it comes to protection force staffing.  Security Officer licensing, training certifications, background screening, records maintenance and organization licensing are just some requirements that may be necessary for full compliance when developing a protection force.  We offer experienced, expert advise in force management and can ensure strict compliance to any and all governing regulations regardless of facility location.  If you would like to setup a consultation to discuss how we can assist you in Force Management, please visit our CONTACT PAGE.



Force Management Program

  • Design, Implementation and Management
  • Program Vulnerability and Integrity Analysis
  • Enhancement Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Metrics Curriculum Development

Protection Force Licensing, Records Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance

Protection Force Organization and Control Measures

Force Management Safety Initiatives and Workplace Safety Compliance

Protection Force Training and Development Curriculum

  • Design, Implementation and Management
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Gap Assessment
  • Metrics Curriculum Development