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     Emergency Management Programs are detailed plans designed to guide organizations through the prevention, mitigation, preparation and recovery from the effects associated with risks, either naturally occurring or organic, identified and assigned as emergencies.  Emergency Management Programs provide the procedures and countermeasures and also delegates responsibilities to properly execute the necessary plans and mitigate or reduce, fully or partially,Emergency Management Consulting - Global Risk Defense Solutions the inherent hazards brought about by emergency situations as well as delineate comprehensive training, required to ensure strict adherence to the program as well as timely decision making and continuous communications.  Recovery is the final area referred to by the Emergency Management Program and ensures a return to normal conditions in a reasonable and practical time-frame.

     There are five phases associated with a proper Emergency Management Program:

  1. Prevention – This phase deals with steps taken to eliminate the occurrence of preventable emergencies and hazards associated.
  2. Mitigation – Not all emergencies can be prevented.  Therefore, we must endeavor to reduce or mitigate the hazards associated with those emergencies and develop preventive measures to lessen their impact.
  3. Preparedness – The training of personnel and supplying of provisions and resources as well as the continuous evaluation and assessment of the Emergency Management Program are key components of this phase.  Preparedness is the most critical aspect of any Emergency Management Program and must be afforded constant attention and proper management.
  4. Response – The diligent and exacting execution of the procedures, countermeasures and protocols as well as the management and coordination of personnel and resources relating to the appropriate emergency identify this phase.
  5. Recovery – Once the threat has been averted, recovery can begin.  This phase consists of the rebuilding, repairing, restoring and reorganizing necessary to bring about normal operations.
     We offer the experience and expertise necessary to assistEmergency Management Consulting - Global Risk Defense Solutions our clients in the analysis, design, implementation and management of their Emergency Management Programs and Contingency Planning.  From the inception through mitigation and training, we will ensure professional advise for the safety, protection and preservation of life and efficient business recovery.  If you would like more information concerning about how we can assist you in Crisis Management preparedness, please visit our CONTACT PAGE to speak with a representative and setup a consultation at your convenience.



Emergency Management Program and Contingency Planning

  • Design, Implementation and Management
  • Program Vulnerability and Integrity Analysis
  • Enhancement Assessment
  • Program Operational Audit
  • Gap Assessment
  • Metrics Curriculum Development

Organizational Risk Contingency Planning

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Planning

Physical Security System and Component Integration and Integrity Survey

Program and System Resiliency Planning

Active Shooter Preparedness

Workplace Violence Program Design Implementation and Management