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     Active Threat Mitigation is the act or process of identifying and/or deterring potential threats before they manifest into real threats.  If potential threats are identified, an organization can execute established, proactive threat mitigation counter-measures and initiate threat response procedures to defend against or deter the potential threat from transitioning into a real, active threat.  Active Threat Mitigation Programs and strategies consist of methods, procedures, protocols and counter-measures such as:

  • Counter Terrorism and Counter Violence Measures
  • Threat Intelligence Collection Methods
  • Counter Intelligence Procedures
  • Threat Deterrence Measures

    Active Threat Mitigation - Global Risk Defense SolutionsThe Department of Homeland Security has developed the Three Rings of Security model which illustrates the identification capabilities of three separate security functions: Intelligence Security, Procedural Security and Physical Security.  As can be seen, Intelligence Security occupies the outer most ring and has the farthest “reach” capabilities when identifying threats.  Threat intelligence and risk information can be collected through several government and private sector organizations and industry specific groups that provide early warning notification regarding trending threats and current incidents.  This information can be collected globally, allowing for a business to activate or implement appropriate mitigation counter-measures and threat response procedures thereby drastically increasing the deterrence effects, hardening security efforts and enhancing awareness associated to that potential threat.

     Active Threat Mitigation Programs are designed to increase the situational awareness of Protection Force personnel as well as employees, vendors and contracts while increasing the facility’s deterrence measures utilizing more random identification strategies, surgical procedural security methods and active potential threat identification measures.   These programs and strategies are integrated into an organizations current security function and work in conjunction with the other established risk defense programs and asset protection systems to bolster the overall defense, expand preparedness and enhance deterrence.

Active Threat Mitigation - Global Risk Defense Solutions     Our firm has been designing successful Active Threat Mitigation Programs and Strategies for more than two decades and have worked with clients such as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Department of Energy, Department of the Navy, dozens of Fortune 500 companies and other security and safety regulated organizations and Critical Infrastructure facilities to increase their potential threat identification, threat deterrence and threat intelligence capabilities.  If your organization could benefit from such valuable and proven measures, please visit our CONTACT PAGE to speak with a representative and setup a consultation.



Active Threat Mitigation Program

  • Design, Implementation and Management
  • Program Vulnerability and Integrity Analysis
  • Enhancement Assessment
  • Program Operational Audit
  • Gap Assessment
  • Metrics Curriculum Development

Physical Security System and Component Integration and Integrity Survey

Protection Force Program Integration and Training

CPTED Integration and Functionality Assessment

Organizational Protection Force and Employee Awareness Programs