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     Furnishing professional, expert counsel to our clients and partners, through the multitude of services we provide, for the absolute protection of assets, property and lives is our primary, focused objective.  Through decades of global experience, education and the application of the latest industry trends and standards, we have achieved success in analyzing the risks and administering effective, efficient, ethical and conscientious mitigation solutions to complex issues.  Irregardless of industry, location, regulatory compliance or obstacles to overcome, we consistently yield positive results and satisfied customers.


To Design the most Effective, Efficient and Innovative Solutions
for the Protection of Assets and the Safety of Lives.

    About Us - Global Risk Defense SolutionsWe partner with and provide services to customers displaying a multitude of diverse business models, categories and firmographics.  Fortune 100 or start-up, we guarantee that the same level of world-class professionalism and expertise is afforded to all.  We will perform all work within the guidelines and parameters as set in the predetermined and pre-approved “Scope of Work” and will only deviate when necessity dictates and with the customer’s approval.

     Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable consultants from diverse sectors of the risk management, asset protection and safety fields.  Each a consummate professional with no less than 15 years of “hands-on” experience in their chosen profession and industries; respected by their peers and colleagues for their proficiency, About Us - Global Risk Defense Solutionssuperior skills, uncompromising ethics and commitment.  We employ a collaborative effort on all projects and thoroughly discuss strategies and solutions to ensure all possibilities have been considered but only the most qualified are presented to the customer.

Our Method

     Our applied method executed when performing an analysis or assessment is a very complex, comprehensive and systematic approach, employing processes refined by us over decades of global experience and numerous projects.  Some of the processes we incorporate into the method are:

  • Risk Management & Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Enhancement Analysis
  • Physical Security System Survey & Integration Audit
  • Gap Assessment
  • Operational Audit
  • Resiliency Assessment

On Ethics

     Years ago, while consulting at a chemical production site, we began to analyze the damage possibilities and aftermath effects sustained due to the detonation of an explosive device as a result of a terrorist attack through sabotage or subversive tactics.  Taking into consideration the types of chemicals being produced and the equipment utilized at the site, I could determine that the consequences would be severe.  Or, more accurately; lethal.
     That evening, as I was heading to my hotel, approximately 25 miles from the site, we drove through a small town about 3 miles from the chemical production plant.  As we passed through, I could see children playing in their backyards, people arriving home after a long day at work, families sitting on their front porch and talking about their day; none of whom had any idea of what we were discussing and the plans being developed at the chemical facility.  Thoughts filled my head as I realized the impact that such an attack would have on this small town, whose only link to the chemical facility and parent company was the proximity of their residence.
     That was when I actually realized the true responsibilities and ethical dilemmas we faced.   Not only to our business partner, but also the people who may become casualties due to no fault of their own.  That was the beginning of our development, refinement and outward commitment to the ethical business practices we adhere to for every business venture, regardless of industry, location or partnership.
     While our principles are many and detailed, we have listed a few below with brief descriptions:

Honesty – We promote truthfulness in all  matters of business and would never knowingly deceive or mislead through devious actions.

Integrity – Applying and adhering to our principles and doing what is right, just and ethical regardless of the consequences.

Accountability – We take full responsibility for the decisions we make and assistance we provide.

Lawful – Our firm strictly abides by the laws, domestic and international, for all the business deals in which we partake.

FairnessWe strive to be fair and just in all our business dealings and would never knowingly take advantage of a situation for gain.

Loyalty – Our loyalty extends not only to each other but everyone associated with any of our business partnerships.

Commitment – To act in a professional manner and strive for excellence in all we do and will do.

Concern, Respect and Empathy for Others – We will endeavor to make certain that everyone is safe and secure.

The exact process or processes initiated will be determined exclusively by the work to be performed as set in the “Scope of Work”.  

     Through the processes, we gather qualitative and quantitative empirical data, necessary for the completion of the analysis and analyze its effectiveness and efficiency through its physical data, technical data and operational integration.  We then compare this information with known variables established through industry standards, acceptable technological parameters and experience based controls.  Other factors affecting the outcome would be corporate policies, regulatory About Us - Global Risk Defense Solutionscompliance issues, geospatial variables along with other more minor constants to get a detailed overview.  From here we can provide the client with options and knowledgeable information to assist in making their final determination.

     Finally, we design the procedures, control measures and protocols, integrate physical security systems and establish operational controls through which the desired result(s) of the solutions or strategies are delivered as per our expectations and at appropriate performance levels.  Once we are certain of the overall integrity and effectiveness, we will develop a metrics curriculum to ensure peak efficiency.

You’re Not Alone

     Once we have completed all the requirements of the project listed in the “Scope of Work” and to the client’s satisfaction, we ensure that they have complete understanding of the metrics established, the proper way to monitor those metrics and how to interpret theAbout Us - Global Risk Defense Solutions resulting data to positively recognize when everything is running as designed or when a problem exists that requires immediate attention to bring it back in line with established performance expectations.  But, it doesn’t end there…..

     We always have the time to discuss unforeseen issues, answer any and all questions that may arise or help identify potential problems caused by the introduction of upgraded equipment or technologies; both of which could have an adverse affect on the programs implemented.  We still maintain close relationships and offer advice with businesses we first services 20+ years ago and will continue to do so as long as we are both around.  We’re always just a phone call away!  And, don’t be surprised if we “pop-in” from time to time to assess your metrics firsthand.

Getting Started

    About Us - Global Risk Defense SolutionsIf you believe you may have a need for the types of services we provide and you like what you hear so far, but still have some questions, go ahead and contact us through our CONTACT PAGE and we will be more than happy to set up a “no fee” consultation to discuss your unique circumstance and answer all your important questions.  Our consultations can be conducted over the telephone, through a video conference or (preferably) face-to-face in the comfort of your own office.  The choice is yours and free of obligations.


     We take risk mitigation, protection and safety very serious and will do everything we can to assist our customers in making the right choices when it comes to their risk defense programs.  As we see it, your success is our success.  About Us - Global Risk Defense SolutionsWhenever we are able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your protections afforded to your employees, we consider it a success.  We look forward to partnering with you in the future.  Stay safe!