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Global Risk Defense Solutions
Global Risk Defense Solutions
Global Risk Defense Solutions


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November 11, 2020 :   We would like to thank all the veteran’s for their service and dedication to our country and wish them a happy and relaxing Veteran’s Day well deserved.  Thank you and stay safe!



     Global Risk Defense Solutions, LLC is a professional risk management advisory firm that administers expert threat mitigation strategies, defense architecture consulting and project management services to businesses, organizations and facilities that are interested in developing and implementing effective, efficient and innovative protective counter-measures and safety solutions to optimize the protection of their assets.  We partner with our clients to develop, engineer, implement and manage appropriate risk management, mitigation and defense strategies to ensure the most effective, comprehensive and practical risk defense programs, methods and control measures are in place, while also providing an exclusive metrics curriculum to monitor the integrity of the overall function over time.  We work intimately with the appointed staff members that are responsible for the oversight of the risk defense operations to ensure their comprehension of the strategies, systems and procedures integrated into the program as well as the applicability of the associated metrics for monitoring and evaluating the program’s effectiveness, integrity and validity.

   We afford Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense Solutionsprofessional, global experience providing our clients with a variety of diverse, effective and cost-efficient mitigation solutions for each identified risk and assist in their implementation through the design of expert and appropriate risk defense programs developed for their specific industry and demands.  Whether we assist in the design and implementation of an entirely new program or review and assess a long-standing program or system to identify potential disparities and overall integrity, we contribute professional, expert solutions and counsel through all of our services.  For a detailed overview of our consulting services and to better understand our capabilities, please visit our CONSULTING PAGE and SERVICES & CAPABILITIES PAGE for more information.

     Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsTo be considered a success, Project Management initiatives must comply with and meet all objectives defined within its Scope of Work, satisfy the budget restrictions placed on the project and ultimately produce a high quality product all within the pre-determined time-frame allocated.   It must also satisfy the vision of the individual or individuals who initiated the commencement of the project as well fulfilling the initial need for the finished product.  Much of the work we provide is devoted to assisting Project Management Teams meet and exceed the goals, restrictions and expectations placed on their individual security, safety and and contingency projects; within budget and on time.  We will provide professional and experienced consult throughout the duration of the project and ensure the integrity of the final product and expectations of the initiators are met.  For more details on how we can assist on your projects, please visit our PROJECT MANAGEMENT PAGE.

     We help organizations educate their employees in areas seen by their management as vital or possibly under-represented through comprehensive presentations tailored to the industry, business model and location of the organization.  We have taken part in hundreds of speaking engagements, seminars, symposiums and other forums to impart knowledge, engage the employees, initiate critical thinking on the subject and answer any questions or pacify any concerns they may have.  Engaging individuals in this manner conveys a better understanding of the subject matter resulting in a heightened awareness and motivated employee.  We have composed presentations on a vast array of topics with tremendous success.  For a more detailed review of how we can assist you in this area, please visit our FORUMS PAGE.

    Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsExperience, knowledge and education are not the only factors to consider when designing a risk defense program.  Other important areas such as physical location, industry type, strategic partnerships, company policies, mission and values, cultural and local practices and laws, codes and regulations all play key roles in the decision making process when it comes to mitigation strategies and solutions as well as the procedures, processes, control measures and protocols developed to successfully execute those solutions.  Our method takes into account all of these factors when assisting in the development of efficient, effective and successful risk defense programs.

    Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsKeeping up with the latest technological advances as well as the latest methods, processes and trends in the security and safety fields along with their usage and program integration is of the utmost importance when striving to maintain state-of-the art Risk Defense Programs.  We are well versed and educated in all the new advances and trends and continue to increase our knowledge and expertise so that we are able to provide the best possible advice to our clients.  We openly share all new information with our partners within our network as well as clientele that would benefit most from it, allowing them to maintain peak efficiency within their security and safety functions.  Our RESOURCES PAGE contains websites and media outlets that provide information on a plethora of subjects to help businesses and individuals develop plans and mitigate risks.

   We cultivate and maintain positive working relationships with professional, independent service providers worldwide to afford our clients qualified and competent resources for services necessary, but not offered through GRDSto complete their overall, comprehensive  program.  Whatever the type of additional service provider required, we can help you partner with that perfect one that will provide you with impeccable service and develop a healthy, professional working relationship for the term of your partnership.   We only recommend service providers that have attained our highest confidence through a productive and professional work history that results in successful job completion and epic client satisfaction.




Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsRisk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsRisk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsRisk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense Solutions


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    Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsOur global reach has imparted beneficial and far-reaching experience for providing services on an international scale.  Having a global footprint, affords us the opportunity to provide our services to businesses, organizations and properties irregardless of location.  This allows us to develop comprehensive programs, for businesses with multiple, global locations providing the ability to strictly adhere to our client’s corporate policies, establishing effective and efficient local risk mitigation solutions and risk defense programs throughout all satellite locations while diligently maintaining the integrity of those corporate policies company wide.  For a much more comprehensive understanding of our global presence, please visit our GLOBAL REACH PAGE.

     Experience on a global scale is only part of the risk mitigation equation.  A thorough understanding of the risks, threats and hazards associated with a particular industry is vital to the success of any risk defense program.  Each industry, just like each physical location, is unique and requires professional and profound counsel with comprehensive understanding of that industry.  While many risks can be shared by virtually all distinct industries, many are inherent to a particular one.  We have the experience and deep understanding of select industries to assist in the design and development of a world-class asset protection function.  For a preview of the industries we service, please view our INDUSTRIES PAGE for a detailed listing.

  Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsIn an effort to provide our clients with the most professional and accurate information when assessing risk and designing mitigation solutions, we maintain positive relationships with numerous federal, state and local government agencies and organizations as well as international agencies that assist our efforts with updated information concerning potential risks and hazards wherever our business takes us.  These partnerships are not only necessary, but can be mutually beneficial to all parties involved for a multitude of situations and scenarios and an important part of any risk defense program.

    Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense SolutionsThe defense of critical infrastructure is of top priority in the grand scheme of our national defense and a large portion of our services are dedicated to their protection.  Developing risk defense programs to deter sabotage, acts of terrorism or other organic threats require a comprehensive understanding in a myriad of governmental and private sector regulations and policies developed to assure continuous performance and functionality of these critical locations as well as the protection of all assets.  Our consultants maintain a high degree of expertise in the evaluation and adherence to policies instituted through regulated programs, such as:

If your organization falls within the regulatory parameters necessitating compliance with any regulatory policies, we will ensure strategies and solutions that will provide complete compliance with those policies, integrated directly into your program.  We maintain continued professional and favorable relationships with all regulatory bodies and ensure that positive relationship is passed on to our clients.

     Please continue to browse our website to learn additional information about our firm as well as our services, capabilities and Risk Management & Defense Consulting - Global Risk Defense Solutionsexperience.  If, at any time, you have a question or, you would just like to speak with us about our services, you can reach out to us through our CONTACT PAGE and we will be happy to speak with you at your convenience.  We welcome any and all questions and will do our best to get back to you quickly and with the answers requested.